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SydSquad is committed to fostering a welcoming, family-friendly, chilled-back live-show experience, where everyone feels respected and valued in our community. To ensure everyone enjoys the SydSquad live-shows, we ask that you observe these simple guidelines: 

-    DO say hello, introduce yourself and have fun
-    DO treat others with respect, and above all, be friendly and courteous
-    DO talk about all things aviation, ask questions, though please remain on-topic
-    DO provide constructive comments or suggestions that may help improve the live show
-    DO listen to the moderators, they will ensure a smooth and fun live show experience

-    DO NOT use inappropriate chat handles 

-    DO NOT treat others with disrespect, bully, name-call, or harass anyone
-    DO NOT discuss anyone’s race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation etc

-    DO NOT use profanity or vulgar language that is offensive, discriminatory, or hateful
-    DO NOT spam or discuss anything off-topic, troll, be disruptive,
incite, or derail the flow of conversation
-    DO NOT self promote or promote on behalf of others. Any promotions will be at the discretion of the show Host
-    DO NOT discuss controversial topics, which may include death, religion, politics, drug use or personal medical conditions etc

Our SydSquad Moderators always use their best judgement to prevent and remove any ill behaviour and always act with integrity to maintain the SydSqaud family values. We ask that you respect all Moderator decisions and follow their counsel. Failure to do so may result in your chat messages being deleted, or you being temporarily or permanently banned from SydSquad without warning or explanation.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding, and we welcome you to the SydSquad aviation community.

Singapore Airlines taking off at Sydney Airport with SydSquad
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