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SydSquad behind the scenes


The family friendly, chilled back, live plane-spotting YouTube streamers from downunder!

G'day mates!

SydSquad is a small group of like-minded aviation enthusiasts from both Sydney and the Gold Coast in Australia, made up of Tim, Matt and Kurt.

Collectively, we pool our knowledge and expertise of aviation and host dynamic live plane-spotting shows featuring Australian airports on YouTube. We film these live shows from various vantage points around airports showcasing aircraft, ground movements and anything else of interest that happens airside during the show. Our live shows are family friendly, chilled back and feature expert commentary making great entertainment for people of all ages.

Currently, we boast a growing viewer base of over 110,000 people worldwide and typically livestream with up to 1000 viewers per live show. Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube, and we can't wait to see you in the chat on our next live show!



P.S: We hope you love the merch!

SydSquad Crew and Little Wings CEO Clare Pearson.
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